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Finding My Own Visual Language - Stamps and Drawings

Exercise 2 (Continued):  I made it!  I made 30 1" stamps based on a square - stretching my imagination to finish exercise 2 when I when was in doubt.  I don't work in series and I'm not a doodler - so this made me happy.  I'm afraid I might bore you posting the remaining stamps, but perhaps you can find an image you like, or be motivated to try the exercise yourself.

I switched from Speedy Carv to Moo Carve right before Stamp #25.  It is much softer and I had to master the pressure needed to carve smooth lines all over again.  Both of them are great for carving stamps and each had a learning curve for me.





Exercise 3:  The instructions said to trace the black cut images from exercise 1 and in the process to convert them to line drawings.  My black images were all squares, so I wasn't sure this would be very interesting.  And I also didn't want to trace when I can always use drawing practice, so I selected a few stamps and made a line drawing of the image.  Some of them are the result of putting my 1" stamp together many times to create another image. 



Ooh, I have this book too - you've inspired me to dig it out again. I absolutely love your stamps!

When you put the stamps together with blue and yellow, I liked that. This all looked very time consuming but rewarding glad you stuck with it.

Great stuff. I especially like the zendoodlish bracket and rope!! Good work.

Great stuff. I especially like the zendoodlish bracket and rope!! Good work.

Wonderful shapes. Your postings have inspired my friends and I. We bought the book and will get together to work on some of the exercises. Thank you for taking the time to share!

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