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Elephant with Tsukineko Ink

I've been hibernating, recovering from my latest grandchild-transmitted viral infection, so I added another elephant to my series.

Gwen Diehn was visiting NYC this week and our group visited Galleries in Chelsea to see exhibits from The International Print Center, Jim Dine, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Faith Ringgold.  I came home with no drawings, so today I'm posting one more in my elephant series. 

Elephant # 16

This Mom and Baby were sketched with Tsukineko All Purpose Craft Ink that I used in a workshop with Judy Coates Perez to "paint" on fabric.  The bug on the cover of my recent coptic book was painted with the ink, mixed with aloe vera gel. The ink comes in many colors and is water-based, and non-toxic.  I was generous with my lines, but still was shocked at how heavily pigmented and watersoluble it is.  All of the color in the painting was moved from the inked lines with water - and I had to be careful to get the light color gray on the baby elephant.

I paused the PBS Nature episode Echo: An Elephant to Remember to get this image.  The link is in my last entry and for reasons I don't understand, I can't insert it here too. 

This concludes my experiments with the inks and pens that I have in my stash.  I need to keep digging to see what other rarely used supplies I have to make at least 4 more in the series.  




Very nice, Shirley. Have enjoyed your elephants.

This is a beautiful drawing - I could see it as an illustration in a children's book. I like composition and the effect of the ink.

Very nice. I love the composition.

LOVE this!!

I've enjoyed following your experiments. This composition is really sweet. Get well!

Good use of your materials, and charming picture.

Looks like a fun experiment which yielded awesome result :)

Beautiful composition!

i like this one a lot! very bold graphic!

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