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3 Drawings for Grandchildren

Neither my husband nor my own children ever open my sketchbooks and I doubt that any of them ever look at my blog.  But my grandchildren love to find their toys and can usually remember how to find the pages.   It is so nice to have them show interest, that I try to add sketches on a regular basis. 

I took care of Charlie, our youngest grandchild, several weeks ago.  While he was happily sitting in his infant seat - babbling and smiling, I sketched the dangling toys.  Then he became grumpy and I never painted them. 


On another day, I was playing with his older brother, 3 year old Zachary, and he showed me his big cloth bag of wooden animals.  He requested lots of animals for his birthday last year and my daughter-in-law found some wonderful wooden animals from Australia.  I asked Zach if I could draw the elephant and he told me that he liked the "gray" animals best.  There were 3 gray animals total - so I had to draw all 3!



This weekend we had 5 of our grandchildren for a sleepover and Zach brought 6 Beanie Boo stuffed animals to sleep with.  Six year old Callum was busy working with me on drawing exercises from Mona Brookes book, and inspired this drawing of the Beanie Boo lion.  Before the weekend was over even Sydney sketched and painted the Beanie Boo elephant, but I forgot to scan it before she took it home.




I love drawing kids toys especially when it is a favorite

Oh, Shirley, these sketches are adorable. How fun that your grandchildren love to look at your sketches too.

Oh, this brings back memories. My nieces,and nephews used to ask me to draw stuff too when they were young. Now they are all grown up, but one of them actually has a set of my paintings on her wall which she asked me to when she bought her first house. Maybe some things never change. :-)
Your drawings are very cute by the way.

Wow! 5 grandchild over and you found time to draw. I am really impressed.

Kids love drawings :) I know that because I am a kid myself :D
And I like these drawings too! I should probably fill my sketch pages with more toys

Love the wooded animals, they remind me so much of when my own children were wee little once. My son loved his toy dog and his trains, ahh memories.
Super sketches and fun keep sakes for your granchildren and you of course.

These sketches are so adorable! I love elephants too!!

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