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Quick Sketching

My friend Kathy made this cute little leather book for me and for the first time I have a sketchbook with me at all times.  The pages are 4.5 in high by 3 in wide.  I carry one ballpoint pen with the sketchbook and try to do quick sketches on the subway or bus.  The stops in the City are very close together so each sketch needs to be done in 1-2 minutes - or your subject gets off or is obscured by the arrival of new passengers.


Here are 8 recent drawings:






Nice sketches Shirley! And the book looks great with the dragon scales pattern :)

What a great way to use commute time!

Wonderful sketches! Ain't sketching unsuspecting victims in public the best?!

Oh, how I miss commuting to work on a train. It's the perfect place to do character sketches like this. Very well done.

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