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This little elephant was painted using white and black acrylic paints - by someone who knows nothing about painting with acrylics!  I did a quick loose pencil sketch, squeezed out two drops of paint on my palette, and selected a brush.  Suddenly I felt just like I did back in 2003 when I opened my first tray of pan watercolors.  Yikes!  How do I even start painting?  

So what you see is one great big experiment - in my project to try all of my unused art supplies - while completing a series of elephant images.  I think I held my breath and only remembered that "darks" are painted first with acrylic, and last with watercolor.  But it was definitely trial and error for me as I tried to define body masses.

Then I put my acrylic paints away until next week, when my friends are coming to play with Gelli Art plates!  This elephant may be my only experience doing a figurative painting with them! 



Very well done, Shirley. Looks like the new acrylics are working for you.

I've used acrylics occasionally but haven't ever been passionate about them, I'm looking forward to seeing your experiments!

Congratulations on your elephants series ! How good you are with all these different tools ! And the various techniques give each elephant an original touch ! Well done indeed !
Thanks for your comment on my door: it does lead to a private garden, but I couldn't see it !!

Awesome elephant!!

I am LOVING this series of elephants. I love seeing and reading about your daily experiments with different types of drawing. Your elephants are just wonderful.

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