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Even More Elephants

I spent the last several days in bed with a horrible virus and only have two more elephants to post this time.

The scratchiness of charcoal pencils and Conte pastels on paper makes me crazy, but I gave both another try in my elephant project.  Each elephant is drawn/painted with one of the many art tools I have in my stash.  This ends the various types of pencils I accumulated in the last 7 years (graphite, washable graphite, watercolor pencils, charcoal, and Conte pastel).  My pencil box is full, but they are all variations on one of these types.

I sketched Elephant #9 with a Derwent Charcoal pencil (dark) and blended it with a tortillon.


I sketched Elephant #10 with a Conte a Paris pencil (sepia) and also blended it with a tortillon.  



I'm very fond of elephants and especially enjoying your series. The top guy has captured my heart.

Sorry you have been feeling unwell. Love your elephants especially #10!

Didn't realize that you were under the weather. Hope that you are feeling better. I like #10 as he seems to have playful look.

I particularly like @10 -- he looks like he's doing the cha-cha-cha! :-)

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