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Elephants - One By One

I painted gesso onto a piece of newspaper and then sketched an elephant with a dip pen and India Ink.  I had no idea how this would work, but proceeded in the spirit of experimentation,  


Last Saturday I took a Paste Paper class at the Center for Book Arts in Manhattan.  Here is a picture of Me, and my friends Gloria and Benedicte.  I used a >30 year old apron for the class and was shocked to see the elephant on the front. 


I made thirty-one 14 X 17" sheets of paste paper and enjoyed every minute of the class.  Here are 5 grayish pieces that I made for an elephant collage.  I've done collage, but never to create figurative art.  But Lynn Gall, our class instructor, says that Eric Carle uses paste paper for his children's book, so of course I will need to try it!



What a nice theme! :) The elephant is beautiful and I really like that apron :D

Really like this elephant-cool idea. Yes, I once saw a picture of Eric Carle's work space with shelves of paste paper. Aren't we having fun!

I've seen the Eric Carle collage work in the picture book - it is really wonderful. Your papers have great potential - love the colors and textures. And the elephant is great!

I love the elephant! Very cool!

Your elephant is terrific! It was wonderful to be in the class with you. Your paste papers will be great to do an elephant in collage. Go for it!

Very elegant and artistic elephant, Shirley. I'm very envious of your paste paper workshop. What do you use for the support for the paste mixture. I've just bought some quite expensive rice paper because I couldn't think of anything else suitable. Would like a more economical option but I'll also be using mine for book covers.
I do love it when you go all bookish. ;)

Hi, love your elephant pictures! I'm currently just starting to work on something with Eric Carle style work but I'm having problems finding the right paper - was wondering if you could give your advice! I've tried regular tissue paper but it warps (esp when water is mixed with the arcrylic paints) and then rips with the weight of the paint. Other papers just warp. I want to use something transparent so I can get that layered look but not sure what will work. Did you use arcrylic medium before painting and did you find that it helped strengthen the paper? Perhaps the tissue paper is thinner here in Australia...? Your advice would be much appreciated! Thanks so much, Celia

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