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A Collection of Elephants

This time of year, when I'm recovering from lots of Holiday preparations and celebrations, and I'm indoors trying to  "catch up," I need something to shake me up.  Night after night I struggled with decisions re: what to draw and finally decided to play with my many tools (pencils, pens, inks etc) while drawing lots of elephants. 

Here are my first 5 - each drawn/"painted" with a different tool.

Elephant 1:  Drawn with a Dark Wash Soluble Graphite Pencil by Derwent and painted with clear water.


Elephant 2:  Drawn with a Tombow marker, which is water soluble, and painted with clear water


Elephant #3:  Cretacolor 9B graphite and Cretacolor white pastel pencils on gray paper


Elephants #4:  Pigma micron ink pen and WN watercolors



Elephant #5:  Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

I bind Fabriano Artistico 140 lb soft press paper in my handbound watercolor journals.  No one believes me, but the Pentel Pocket Brush Ink is completely water soluble on this paper and even drying the ink overnight makes no difference.  Here is an elephant drawn with the pen and then painted with clear water!



Very nice, Shirley. It's an interesting subject to start with and you did it very well. Maybe you could stretch it out to doing 1 or 2 a day throughout the year.

these are such wonderful sketches - you've captured the gentleness of the wonderful giants.

They look great in every medium you've used. I like this idea to pick a thing and draw it with different media or different ways. I frequently sit in the evenings, trying to think of something to draw, and end up drawing nothing because I can't decide.

Elephants are one of my very favorite animals and your drawings of them are wonderful! Did you have photos to work from or did they come from your imagination? I love them! nancy

I like all of them! They look like they are in motion and very lively :)

Well, I don't think that you're inside all the time. I read about your touristy adventures! However, the elephants nicely help to fill in the down time!

What a great variety of techniques! I love them all.

Wonderful job with the elephants. I'm assuming you used photos, or do you have a collection of elephants of some sort? I like this idea - I may have to do something similar, as I also can't decide what to draw sometimes and end up drawing nothing.

All versions are really good. I wish I can also have that kind of talent and skill. I want to be able to draw anything while using any tool there is. Good job!

Guess what the mascot at U of Alabama is..yes, Al the Elephant. I enjoy your drawings of them!

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