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More Photos - Childrens' Memorial in Lidice in Czech Republic

I am posting some more photos that I took of the Children's Memorial in Lidice.  They are for you Kate!  Over eighty children were rounded up and murdered, along with others in their families, because the Nazis incorrectly blamed their Czech village for the assassination of Nazi Reinhard Heydrick.

 See my previous blog post for the full photo and more information about Lidice.









Beautiful, haunting, wrenching...

So sad

That's horrible it's an amazing piece of art from such a sad memory the families must have been devastated.

beautiful pictures of such expressive artwork. It's almost like time stood still

This sculpture is a beautiful and moving tribute to the lives lost.

Oh Shirley, Such a horrific example of the inhumane ways war is wages. It is a powerful memorial which hopefully reminds mankind this should never ever happen. It is a beautiful work of art, will you paint it?

These photos brought tears to my eyes. How horrific. nancy

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