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More Faces - Sonheim Drawing Lab 16

I am still trying to finish my 100 Faces for Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab exercise #16.  I forget about it for weeks at a time.  And then as I'm leaving our apartment for a day on buses and/or subways, I grab my watercolor cards and pencil case - and complete several.

The first several Faces were from a ride downtown on the #6 subway.  Subject #69 was asleep, but very briefly because he jumped up and got off the train one stop after I started my sketch.  Subject #70 was a gorgeous little girl - with corn row braids and many barrettes holding her hair in place.  She had on very dark sunglasses and probably watched me draw her from across the aisle.



Subject #71 is a Home Health Aid at my Mother's Retirement complex.  I sketched her in pencil several months ago while we all sitting in a common area.  But I didn't add ink and watercolor until last night.




Hi Shirley,
I really enjoy all your posts.
What are watercolor cards?
Do you do the pencil or ink on site and then the color later? Or is that what the watercolor cards are for?

You are doing a wonderful job!


Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Watercolor cards are just 4 x 6" pieces of watercolor paper that I cut - and keep with me in a pouch, with pencil, eraser, pen, 12 watercolor pencils and a waterbrush. I usually have 6 cards with me at all times.

I almost always do a quick sketch in pencil when the "model" is near me - and then add pen, editing as I go if they haven't gotten off the bus or subway by then. The color is added using the watercolor pencils if there is time, or with my watercolor palette at home if there isn't. The 3rd face in this group was done in pencil and then my model left. I put the card back in the pouch and didn't pull it out again until I was finishing the other two.

The only consistency among all of these is a VERY FAST STARTING SKETCH.

Oh my gosh, that little girl is adorable! You captured her perfectly.

An ambitious project and you're almost done! I love these, especially the little girl. nancy

Very well done!

Good for you for continuing on with this! I'm impressed with your tenacity (and talent, of course).

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