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Stencil Magic Class - Part 2

I LOVE Melanie Testa's online Stencil Magic class.  Afte finishing the 4 classes, I feel as if I've learned enough to create multiple types of stencils and to develop many different images.

I reworked another doodle and made a stencil from one of the drawings in the lower right corner of this page.   The intersections of the grid lines were left blank on the stencil so I can add circles or squares and paint them individually.   


Here is the stencil print which I painted in red and green - might be useful to make cards, tags, and wrapping papers at Christmas if I use these colors.


I made another stencil, inspired by an image from Owen Jones' book The Grammar of Ornament (1856) and republished by Dover Books (1987).  It was printed with gouache, using a dauber, and the image is much crisper than my first prints.


I followed Melly's directions to use photos as inspiration for stencils, and here is my penguin - first my photo from the Central Park Zoo, and then my images.


From left to right: My Photoshop manipulated photo to convert it into Black and White as a stencil design, My first print from the stencil, and a Bookmark that I made using the penguin image.



I did another exercise using one of my first stencils.  I painted watercolor paper wet-on-wet to create background color.  Then I traced one of the images from an earlier stencil with a watercolor pencil and painted the negative space around the image.  Finally, I added squares using a piece of construction netting as a stencil and traced and painted circles through a commercial stencil.




The prints look fantastic :) day job + olympic games is taking a toll on my free time again. Taking another short break from art

I am inspired, Shirley. Well done! I have just ordered a book on printing, which I hope will be another inspiration: http://www.sandrapearce.com.au/my-book.html There are so many beautiful things you can do.

That penguin is just fantastic!

Love the penguin!

Lovely stencils Shirley! Looks great fun to do

I'm trying to get caught up with all I've missed, and I have to say your posts never disappoint. I love the diversity of your work, and everything you do is both lovely and interesting! It's always a treat to visit. nancy

You must be a star student! What fun you are going to have. There is so much potential in each one.

I've been following your postings and your artistic and travel adventures. These penguins are striking. I like the way you make images from your own original draings or photographs. So much creativity

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