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Venice Sketchbook - Final Part

This will be the last blog post about our recent trip to Venice.  The other 8 sketchbook pages were done at restaurant tables, on airplanes etc., and could have been done anywhere, meaning there is little that would make you think of Venice when you see them.

I love seeing the very elaborate masks in the best Mask Shops.  And I needed to paint one of them in my sketchbook to remember them.  The gray color on the mask and background is Winsor-Newton silver gouache.  I squeeze out a little, let it dry with my watercolor paints in my palette, and rewet it when I want to use it.  I also used gold gouache while we were traveling.


This was our set of apartment keys for the week.  Our friends who shared the apartment had a similar set.  The apartment owner met us early on our final day, to check us out, and direct us to the Alilaguna boat back to the airport.  I was really sad to leave this apartment in a 16th C. Venetian palazzo.  It really felt like our home for one week.


I created a grid for for daily notes before we left New York, and filled in the highlights of each day so I could remember our visit.  The Weather, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening notes were usually written right before bed or when I woke up the following morning.  I almost always put a layout like this in my travel sketchbooks before I leave home and include it here just to demonstrate the technique. I'm sure that my writing is not readable.






I've enjoyed your Venice sketches, Shirley. And that grid is such a good idea! Thanks for sharing this.

Nice sketches and the notes are a good way to help remember as long as YOU can read the writing later, lol.

These are great! I so wished that I sketched while I was in Venice. I took a million photos, but I never felt that I could spend the time to sit and sketch. I regret it now. I love your idea, of the grid to document the weather and such! Next time I travel, I'm going to remember this.

I really like your mask! And I also like the idea of the daily grid - I may have to do that in future - thanks for the tip.

I just enjoyed all your Venice pages, some for a second time. I love your ideas of taking pics of the gondoliers and painting them later. Love the Tombow sketches, too, and the buildings, all of it!

I'm also IMPRESSED with your granddaughter's sewing skills. You are a great grandma to take the time to patiently teach her. SO COOL!!

The mask is terrific and who know that a daily log could look so interesting.

Wow - that mask is amazing! I like the keys , too. The grid is a great idea ... I'll use it too, if I remember! nancy

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