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More Watercolor Magnetic Bookmarks

I save strips of watercolor paper when I am making watercolor sketchbooks.  It was so much fun to sketch Klimt designs when I was in Venice, that I decided to make myself a new magnetic bookmark with gold gouache and gold pen.  I love the metallic glitter, even though it can't be seen in a scan.  If you have never used a magnetic bookmark, they are fabulous because after you fold them over a single page, they never move.  I'm not an e-book reader, so these remain my favorite bookmarks.

The folded size is 5.5" by 2.5 "


I use Staples adhesive magnets made for the back of business cards - and cut them in half horizontally.  I then adhere each half to one side of the folded strip of paper - at the bottom of each side.



Here are 3 more bookmarks that I made from painted strips during the last year.  The day lily is 5.5 x 2.5" and the other two slightly smaller.


This is another bookmark that I made when I needed to make small gifts.  This was a sketchbook painting that I made from the German Expressionism exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.  Then I sized it, made multiple copies of it in Photoshop, and printed 5-6 of them on the same page of cardstock.



Here is my earlier blog post about making magnetic bookmarks.  Back then I was using magnetic strips purchased in craft stores. 



Wow, how cool is that, Shirley!? I make bookmarks from mine too, but they're not magnetic...these are FUN.

Sounds like a great idea. I made some bookmarks for my son who said he didn't like really good ones because he couldn't leave them in a book that someone borrows as he might lose them. So I made some to play around with techniques or just in an odd moment till I had a bunch for him that he wouldn't have to worry over. I wonder if he'd like your magnetic style. Yours look very nice especially the newest one with the gold on it!

That's extremely clever, Shirley. And how I envy you Klimt in Venice. I too love the glitter. :)

I save all those strips of paper too Shirly! You have inspired me with your beautiful designs. I love Klimt too. Planning to get stuck into my painting when I return home from Europe .

Love the idea Shirley--thanks for sharing!!!

GREAT IDEA, Shirley!

I was going to write you about NY -- but don't have your email ....

I didn't understand about the magnetic bookmark at first - what a cool idea!! I love the top bookmark - very beautiful.

Thanks for sowing these to us ... What a great idea! nancy

These are lovely and it's such a good idea!

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