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Venice Sketchbook - Part 2

At least one sketch per day was done quickly when I had an opportunity to sketch while we were walking around Venice. 

On Sunday morning, I accompanied my friend Sara to Mass at Basilica San Marco.  It was a great choice, since we had about 45 minutes sitting in one place and could do a pencil sketch of a small part of the beautiful interior.  We were unable to sketch all of the time, but I did try to get some sense of the many vaults and some of the decorations.  I added pen,watercolor, and gold pen and gouache later.


I did a series of very fast sketches, while my husband was checking our email on Venice Direct WiFi (which is available in the major areas of the city).  Before we left for Italy, I bought a brown Tombow marker which was perfect for these times.  I sketched quickly and then added water to two of the sketches to spread the water soluble ink.  

San Giorgio Maggiore from Riva Degli Schiavoni near Giardini Ex-Reali garden.  I wish I drew straight columns!:


Another Tombow sketch, several days later, from the same place - but facing La Salute.  This time I didn't add water:


Interesting architecture in Campo Santa Maria Formosa (Castello) - sketched again while my husband was doing his daily check of our email:


A short break for Cokes, during a very long walk, gave Sara and I another opportunity for a small sketch in Campo Santa Margherita (Dorsoduro).  The sun felt so good that we even had time to add pen and watercolor.



Wow! I love the effect of the water on the Tombow marker! And you are getting so good -- and fast -- at sketching! Another big WOW! Lovely!

It's so interesting seeing what caught your eye, Shirley! I feel as if I've been on a tour of Venice with a good friend.

Great to see your wonderful Venice sketches! They have the feel of being there. Interesting that you felt so comfortable sketching after having practiced. What a good idea for future trips!!

I am thoroughly enjoying your Venice sketches - thanks for sharing them!

You have captured these very well -- structure, style, color -- lovely!

All these are great. I love the Tombows and use them but do keep the pictures out of the light as much as you can. I tested the black one and it didn't take long to start fading but enclosed in my journal the other half of the test piece still looks great. I really love how they can add instant shading! Your last picture here with the color is wonderful (I am a color nut).

I love these sketches, the wobbly columns make them even better. I almost feel I'm there with you!

Oh, it looks like you really enjoyed your trip. The sketches do give you the idea that you paused and absorbed the city.

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