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Venice Sketchbook - Part 1

I did 16 small Venice paintings before we went on vacation, using photos of Venice from our last trip in 2002.  My primary goal was to practice painting water and bridges, while experimenting with texture on the buildings. 

I didn't realize, at the time, that it would make me much more relaxed about sketching while there.  There was no longer any reason for me to go someplace in the City just to sketch.  Instead I carried my sketchbook everywhere, and enjoyed Venice with my husband and friends.  My goal then became to capture an image from wherever we were. 

My sketches can be divided into several categories - and the ones I'm posting today are the ones I did from the apartment.  I enjoyed sitting in front of the window, watching the boats passing, and sketching and painting over several sittings.  The photos of the intersecting canals that we saw from our window were in the last post.



I also prepared a grid of our Days on Vacation and added something that would remind me of one moment in each day.  Here is the completed Grid.



Love the paintings!

Especially LOVE the 'moment a day' grid!

Did you find that painting in advance helped you find the right palette for Venice when you were painting from life?

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. I LOVE the grid idea for each day...i may need to copy that!

I like your logic and organization. The sketches are great, from the back of the apartment and from the front.

It sounds like a thoroughly satisfying trip, with a lot to show for it. Congratulations that all your preparation payed off in wonderful journal pages!

The sketches from your appartment have such a good 'live' feel to them!

So jealous you went to Venice! I love the view you had from your appartment. Wonderful sketches and the grid is a great idea.

I love seeing these at last! You have captured the spirit of a town I love so well.

I'm catching up, and what a wonderful array of art you have posted so far! I love the packing sketches, the prelim sketches, and what you did while there! Well done! BTW, I haven't started on the new portrait yet, have you? nancy

This is a great idea!

You are drawing some great memories here. Love the little bits you do each day and then the bigger sketches. Terrific.

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