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Venice Preview Sketches #14, 15, and 16

I made an accordion-folded watercolor "sketchbook" for me to practice sketching scenes in Venice before our trip and these 3 pages complete my Venice Previews.  All of the sketches were done from photos that I took in 2002, before I started to keep sketchbooks or travel journals. 

A blog reader said that they would like to know what my experience is like - after arriving in Venice - based on my preliminary sketchbook painting.  Even before I leave, I feel as if I have more confidence in my ability to paint water and the crumbling texture of the plaster over brick walls of the buildings.  I also know how difficult it is to make accurate drawings of the ornate columns on the most famous buildings.  But most importantly, I have a wonderful sense of freedom because I will always have these 16 journal paintings that will be part of my Venice experience - and I will now be more spontaneous and sketch my daily sights and experiences, "in the moment."

San Maggiore from Piazza San Marco:


Details - Ca' D'Oro


A Random Canal, Tower Photo I took:  Maybe I'll recognize the Tower when we arrive in Venice




I'm excited for you - you're going to have such fun. And, all the drawing and sketching you'll be able to do of such amazing and beautiful things. These paintings are wonderful, and what a clever way to do them in an accordian book! I can't wait to see what else you do! nancy

Hi, Shirley,
Super sketches! By the time you get there, sketching things will be such fun! With all that practice you will be able to get it down quickly!
Thanks for sharing your practice!

These are lovely! =) I think it's a great idea to do previews before visiting the place...Venice! Wow, how I wish I could visit there too someday.

Very nice sketches. Looks like you're having fun doing them.

Hi Shirley, This is a wonderful idea, which I might just copy as I am heading to Paris and UK in three weeks time. I would feel a wee bit more confident if I had some insight into the places I want to capture with my pencil. Your sketches are very beautiful.

Sooooo jealous - look forward to seeing your lovely sketches when you return. Have a wonderful time!

What a clever idea to practice and prepare before you leave. Have a wonderful time!

Nice sketches. So you have your kit pared down and ready to go? Are you taking these accordion fold sketchbooks? I hope you get plenty of time for sketching. Remember to take a picture in case you can't finish the sketch on location so you can finish it later!

Such a beautiful, personal view of Venice. I will look forward to this year's sketches.

Have a lovely time in Venice Shirley, and thank-you for your kind comments. I'll let you know if I ever come to New York

Oh, I love your sketches of Venice sooo much. I am so happy I looked. You do beautiful work!

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