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Playing with Wet On Wet Watercolor

There is a huge amount that I don't know about painting with watercolor and I periodically try to play with some techniques to improve my skills.   This week I scanned the book Wet On Wet Watercolor Painting by Ewa Karpinska and then painted - flooding my 140 lb watercolor paper with water.

Here are the 4 samples - each made by dropping in two colors while the surface was very wet.  I loved tilting the paper and watching the pigment flow.  As the paper dried, I added a few paint lines and tried to mop up a little color.


New York street planters are filled with Spring flowers this month and I sketched tulips and daffodils while walking to the post office.  I painted the flowers and let them dry overnight.  The following day I thoroughly wet the backgrounds with water and dropped in a few colors. 



I really enjoyed the lack of control painting with very wet paper and will continue to explore how to use more water to achieve effects I want.  Next:  Time to paint canal water in Venice for practice!


Hi, Shirley,
These are so delicate and they are just singing Spring! I see that spring has hit NYC!

Lovely, Shirley, just lovely!

The daffodil painting is really lovely! you got the delicacy and movement so well. Can you see yourself painting the flowers wet in wet directly,rather than painting after the drawing? I wonder? I bet you could do a beautiful job.

Gorgeous, love the effects of the watercolour painting and the flowers look great - full of springtime happiness!

How fun they look! Love the gentle blend of colors, beautifully drawn Shirley!

Great effects with the watery backgrounds, I love how many effects you can get with watercolours.

These are wonderful pages! And I feel comforted that you still feel like you don't know everything about watercolor. Sometimes I feel like I'm just scratching the surface!

Nice! Love the fruits of your experimentation!

They are just lovely ... they embody some of the things I love about watercolor. nancy

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