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The End of the Old, the Beginning of the New

I finished my last sketchbook with two pages of heads drawn during classes at Columbia University.  The first page was done on a paper napkin with a ball point pen while we discussed Chekhov short stories.  The second page of sketches are of Professor de Bary, a very elderly Emeritus Professor of Chinese Studies - who is incredibly sharp.  I loved the opportunity to draw him while he appeared to be asleep, but he remembered more of the panel discussion comments than I did when he lifted up his head.



I barely finished making my new watercolor sketchbook in time to continue with my daily sketches.  The bookcloth was made with soy wax and a potato masher as resist and thickened Procion MX dyes.  The sketchbook is a 6 signature book with Fabriano Artistico Soft Press 140 lb paper and Canson Mi Tientes end papers.



The first page is a drawing of my watercolor palettes.  I have fun starting some of the sketchbooks with my paint palette even though I add and/or change paints infrequently.



Your sketches are wonderful, and I loved hearing about them. Your new book is lovely,and what a great way to start it out with your watercolors and the two manikin figures! nancy

Awesome face sketches Shirley =)

I also will be onto a new sketchbook soon. Longing to get onto watercolour paper after a book of Como paper. My next one will be a small one because of Every Day in May. Unlike you I have a huge pile of handmade books waiting to be used .....however what I don't have is a Fabriano hot press one, and they are my favourite.
Your posts are always so interesting.

I love the perspective of the professor who appeared to be asleep!

Love these sketches. Wonderful use of your wax-dyed fabric!

Great drawings and nice use of cloth. I love drawing people when they have no idea what is happening.

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