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Venice Sketches #12 and 13

I'm still sketching Venice scenes from my old photos in anticipation of our upcoming trip to Venice.  Painting canal water and showing the texture/decay of building surfaces are scarey to me, so I worked on both of those watercolor painting skills in these two paintings. 




I started this project with two 30 inch strips of watercolor paper that I folded into accordion booklets.  Since I didn't carry any image over the folds, I'm now planning to cut each strip into two folios and bind these sketches into a small book with 4 folios and 16 pages.  This will be the first time that I sketch/paint first and bind into a book later.  I may decide that it is the perfect method for travel sketching.

The first 4 sketches and the accordion booklet can be seen here.


That concept of making the drawings or paintings and then creating a book from them is exactly what I'm doing now! I just started, and it's very freeing to simply draw on a loose sheet rather than be restricted by the binding and how the book stays open, or doesn't. Good for you for being adventurous in your watercolor, too!

Shirley, great sketches! Very smart to use your old photos for reference in anticipation of your upcoming trip. I think you may have hit on something, painting first and binding later! Jane LaFazio is doing something similar in a class i'm taking, binding the notebook with ring binders (removing spiral binding and using rings to hold pages together, there by allowing manipulation of the 'book'). I look forward to seeing what you do on your trip!

These are lovely, Shirley. You nailed the texture of the buildings even though it was difficult. I also really like the reflections in the canal water.

Sounds like a good way to take your paper for sketching...it will be smaller & lighter than a normal sketchbook. Great sketches by the way!

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