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Figure Drawing at Society of Illustrators - March 2012

I had a wonderful time drawing last night.  The weather was beautiful all day.  The wine was great, the 3 piece jazz band set a mellow background ambeience, and I loved the models' challenging poses.  Some days the process is just so much fun.  I was most pleased with the fast poses last night and will just upload them - skipping the 2 twenty minute poses until later.  It always gives me great pleasure when I can "just do it."  

Two Minute


Four 5-minute poses:  It was amazing that the model could actually hold the last pose you'll see for a full 5 minutes.





Two 10-minute poses:




Hi, Shirley,
Oh these are so well done! Sounds like a great evening!

lovely drawing Shirley. Those poses look challenging - especially the second one on the page. You have a lovely light line

Wow! These are really great, and you're right ... it's amazing that she could hold that pose for so long! Super job! nancy

Just super!!

Oh, you were definitely 'on', weren't you! Lovely sketches! And being able to just do it effortlessly...those are my favorite drawing times!

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