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Venice Painting Practice

I resumed my drawing/painting practice this week for our Spring trip to Venice.  The Print Studio at MoMA consumed all of my attention during much of February and the first week in March, pushing Venice down my priority list. 

I was concerned that I had no idea how to capture the wonderful patina and aging of the buildings, with exposed bricks and so many age spots.  Last week, Kate Johnson, in the videos from the second week of her Strathmore Workshop, demonstrated watercolor techniques that were perfect for me to try and yesterday I did my first painting of a very aged building from one of my 2002 photos. 

Cathy (Kate) Johnson is a master of watercolor and author of many books.  She is extremely generous with her knowledge and shares so much with those of us who follow her website and blog, buy her books, and take her online classes.  I LOVE her free online Strathmore workshop and hope that everyone knows that she is the teacher for March.  You can register and access the 4 weekly classes until August.

In this small painting, I used wax paper, dripping, and spatter - with some blotting to try to get the changes in surface texture that I wanted. 



Wow - this really looks good. I signed up for Cathy's class, but my speed is so slow I can't get it. A friend who is also taking the class has downloaded the lessons so far and will share them with me, but I don't have them yet. I can't wait! hugs, nancy

wow!! this is beautiful. Lovely texture! I'll bet you can hardly wait to go! Are you staying in the same place?

Wonderful page! I haven't done exercises from Cathy's class; I've only watched the videos so far. Wow! You get to go to Venice! I need a vacation like that to come along now that I take my sketchbook everywhere!

beautifully drawn! :) Love the scene

Hi, I'm visiting from Mary Ann's Ticket to Venice class -- these watercolors are great! I just started dabbling in them and love the softness of them ... but I'm kinda figuring things out as I go along, so perhaps Kate's class would be just the thing. I'm off to look to see what's current. Thanks so much for sharing this link!

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