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One Journal Complete, A New One Begun

Last year at this time I took the online class "Remains of the Day" by Mary Ann Moss.  I created a fabric art journal and this year filled it with sketches, photos, and ephemera from my art sketchcrawls and projects with one or more of my New York City friends.  Five of us gather together regularly (Journal Study Group) to share skills for art on paper and art on fabric, and those are the photos that are included.

This is my very fat, full journal - which represents many fun days between Jan and Dec.



The pages in the journal are made from random printed papers, with lots of other attached decorations.  Then more stuff is added.  It is hard to explain the multilayered scrapbook quality in photos.  But here are a few of the finished pages. 





I had so much fun making and keeping this journal, that I decided to make another one for 2012 and to again document my art adventures in New York City.  Yesterday I pulled out all of my hand dyed and painted fabrics and made selections for the new cover. 



And I added my first pages, including my sketches of caricatures in the Infinite Jeste exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.



I love it and plan to do the same on my trip to Venice this month although it is only for 2 nights

Love peeking into your journal and seeing your creative cover.

Shirley, this is SUCH FUN!!

Your journal is beautiful! Congratulations on its completion.

Love your journals. There's something so appealing about this journal---I took the class several years ago and didn't leave much room in mine for sketching. But I still had fun writing in it. I put it aside in favor of my sketch journal but now you're tempting me to get it out and start on another one!

First, I love the name of your blog, and enjoyed looking at the diversity here. I also really like the "Remains of the Day" title- it is ingenious!

Shirley i love nothing more than seeing a big fat journal full of "living"
i so enjoy seeing sketches in your book!
your group sounds fun.
your 2012 journal looks promising!
the end.

Very cool!!


Beautiful journals Shirley. Happy Blog Anniversary and happy New Year!

I just adore the colours of the new sketchbook. Congratulatiions on filling the previous one. I made mine too big and heavy to carry around with me.

Your journals are amazing! I especially love the new one with the kind of Asian colors and theme. I have just started making my own journals and love it. Haven't tried a fabric one yet, but now I really want to. Yours are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. :)

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