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6th Blog Anniversary

I am a self-taught artist - fulfilling a retirement dream to draw more and learn how to use watercolor paint.  I never imagined that I would start a blog, and now it is 6 years old.  I love my contact with the art community and treasure the friendships that I made over these past years - at first virtual, but increasingly in person, though we live may live in the same city or on different continents.

My blog anniversary serves as a time for me to outline some goals for the next year.  My main goals remain to sketch and paint everyday and to blog twice each week.  In the process I will try:

1.  To explore new tools (ex. pens, pencils, paints).

2.  To draw more challenging subjects.

3.  To improve my watercolor painting skills.

4.  To read and take an occasional online class in order to educate myself.

5.  To continue my associations with my Journal Study Group, the Central Park Drawing and Art Meetup Group, and the figure drawing group at the Society of Illustrators. 

6.  To make my own watercolor sketchbooks and refine my bookbinding skills.

I am posting a quick painting I did of one of the 50 Neopolitan angels that are on the Metropolitan Museum of Art Christmas tree.  This is the end of the Holiday season for me and now it is time to move into 2012 and some new goals and activities.

This magnificent tree stands in the center of the Met Medieval Hall.  Each year I try to paint one of the angels during my Holiday visit.  It will be up until January 8th for anyone who hasn't seen it.





Congratulations! and enjoy more of it on the road ahead.

Happy anniversary, Shirley. And Happy New Year.

Round and round. 18 times!

Very admirable goals for the new year, and I love your painting of the angel. I can't believe it was a quick one - it's lovely! nancy

Shirley, you continue to amaze me with your dedication and style!

Oh your angel turned out beautiful!!

Congratulation Shirley... I'm impressed... 6 years of dedicated drawing and blogging... you go girl! I'm looking forward to more great pages from you.

Happy Anniversary. I do enjoy looking at your blog. Always impressed with your sketches.

Just think of all the adventures in store for the new journal.

I am trying to contact the person who writes and posts drawings on this site to request permission to include one of the images in an exhibit I am preparing. I am looking at "EDM Challenge #159-- Draw your favorite kitchen tool"--it is a lovely sketch of your yellow Kitchenaid stand mixer.
If you (the person reading this) are not the owner, can you please forward this request to the blog owner?
Thank you SO much for your assistance.
P. Adema, Ph.D.
Culinary Anthropologist

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