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More From My Self-Portrait Class

I sketched two of my previous photos from the line drawings over photos in my last post- one was drawn upright and one was drawn upside down. Then I took another photo and sketched it without first adding lines.

All 3 were done on one 9 X 12 page with a graphite pencil.

All three look like different people and none of them me. The one on the upper right could be my high school year book picture from 50 years ago!   I obviously have to practice, practice, practice!




What fun, Shirley! I think you're lovely, in any case. (I always say that if I drew ALL my wrinkles, it would be a very busy drawing indeed...

hi, interesting. what are the first exercises you do in the portrait class. have you come across this book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Betty edwards?

Hello Shirley,
They all have a look of the same person to me - well done.
What do you mean by 'without lines'?
I like your life drawings too.

These are great, Shirley. I really like the upper right one, your "high school" portrait.


I think these portraits look like you, at least, I would recognize them as you from the photos I've seen! I particularly love the 'photo no lines' version, with the hat! LOVELY!

These exercises are really great, in this and the last post. You cannot help but improve. It is so hard to see ourselves!

I think they all look alike, so you must have caught some of yourself on the sketches. Very good.

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