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December 2011 Figure Drawing

 I'm still not brave enough to "draw" a figure with my paintbrush.  Oh well!  This can be one of my goals for 2012.

Here are 6 drawings from the 18 I did last evening.  I don't like the specific male model who posed last night, so all of my drawings were done of the woman model. 

Two minute pose:  9B graphite


Five minute pose: 9B graphite


Two 10 minute poses: 9B graphite



Two 20 minute poses:  Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils and a blue watercolor wash





I think it's brave to do figure drawing with any medium! Your proportions and sense of movement are great. Good luck with your goal to move into drawing with paint.

Geez, you have all the curves in the right places!

I'm sure you will manage to use a paintbrush soon, you seem to be drawing confidently now!

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