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Drawing Art Dolls with Raena

When Raena (from Every Day Matters Yahoo Group) and I met for the second time at the Quilt Festival in Houston, we took a few minutes to draw art dolls, as we did last year.  These dolls are probably 20-24 inches and are AMAZING!  We each chose one to draw, and then I sketched a second one while Raena looked at the whole exhibit.

This is my first journal page - note the little bird on the woman's hand.  It is called "Fine Feathered Friend and was made by Nancie Roach.


 I sketched the same doll as Raena for my second journal page - a fabulous doll entitled "Leo Was Allergic to Dogs" by Neva Waldt.


Here are photos that I took of the Dolls so I could remember the colors for painting them at home.  I thought you might enjoy seeing them.


               "Fine Feathered Friends" by Nancie Roach.


               "Leo Was Allergic to Dogs" by Neva Waldt.



You are right, those dolls are amazing! Your sketches are wonderful too! And it's great that you were able to meet up with Raena again. Looks like a fun event!

Those dolls are indeed wonderful, as are your drawings!

What a wonderful exhibit and how fun that you and Raena were able to get together! Your drawings are great and it was interesting to see those amazing dolls! Also, I caught myself up with several of your postings that I've missed. You are so good at so many things, and it's nice of you to share so many of your interesting outings with us! nancy

Lovely loose doll sketches. I am in Love with your earlier painting of the beetle, the colours are brilliant!

Awesome sketches as always Shirley =) Your style shows prominently in both of them

These are wonderful, Shirley! I really need to get busy updating my blog. I've drawn the upper half of the girl now, from photo. And I finished off my guy. I still haven't painted the lock and I didn't take a picture, so it will be a bit of guessing for me. I can't even remember if it had some rust on it or not! I'm going to do the granny (that's what she looks like to me!) one today, then I'll post them all.

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