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Figure Drawing - November 2011

By chance, I went to the Society of Illustrators Sketch Night during Illustrators Week in New York City and many illustrators posed (clothed) with the models.  They were not introduced, so I have no idea who they were. 

Drawings 4 and 5 of 10 Two Minute Poses 


Drawing 4 of 4 Five Minute Poses - An Illustrator


Drawing 1 of 2 Ten Minute Poses


Drawing 2 of 2 Twenty Minute Poses:  Two Models and an Illustrator (who is sitting on a stool)

My watercolor paper is to big for my scanner and I haven't figured out how to photograph the pages without the blue-gray background.  Even Photoshop can't completely corrct it.



Hi, Shirley,
Wonderful to have the models to sketch! Love the gestures!

Excellent, Shirley!

By the way, I did receive your comment. I'm not sure why it does not appear in my comment section, it wasn't something that I was supposed to 'publish' or anything. It should be there. And to answer your question: Consider it a date!

Great sketches! What a fun exhibit!

I can really appreciate your progress, your figure sketching gets better and better.

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