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Deliberate Practice - Figure Drawing with my Paintbrush

There are two parts of my deliberate practice program - architecture and figure drawing.  I posted Big Ben last week after I painted it without any pre-drawing.  Today I am posting my first figure drawn directly with my brush and watercolor. I used a photo in the book The Nude Figure by Mark Edward Smith.


Will I be brave enough to draw with my paintbrush when I'm sketching live models?


Stunning! I don't think I can ever be brave enough to draw/sketch live models >.

I hope you do take your paintbrush to figure drawing! This is delightful!

We are sure on the same page. I was thinking that I should try watercolors. There are some very talented people at our group who are so comfortable with that medium. Maybe. . .

Oh my goodness - this is just amazing! Yes, yes, yes, try it with live models. I'm sure you'll do fine! nancy

Shirley, this is exquisite! I'm so happy for you! Gwendolyn

I think, given how well you have suceeded so far, that you may well be brave enough! I look forward to seeing the results.

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