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Deliberate Practice - Drawing with My Watercolor Brush

I am envious of artists who "sketch" models at Figure Drawing" with their paintbrush and watercolor, AND I need to develop a simpler, looser style for capturing a scene, especially when on vacation.

These are my goals for the next months-year.  Can I do it?

I decided to paint Big Ben in London for the 7th time - as a first step.  In the past I have sketched/ painted/collaged Big Ben from my photographs as I explored other techniques, so it wasn't as frightening.  This was done quickly, so I could hopefully simplify the image.





*Applause, applause* Excellent job, Shirley!

This is great Shirley. You have to start leaving your pencil at home.

And the result is LOVELY! Congratulations!

How did you get the details on the clock face? this looks great!

The answer to your question, "Can I do it?" is a resounding Yes!! You did a fabulous job with this! Keep going - you are doing wonderfully well!! nancy

Great job on the free style! Looks as if Big Ben is dancing on its toes!

Hi, Shirley,
When I looked at this painting of Big Ben, I'm seeing a sense of dynamic flow to it. I can't explain it very well, but it is more as if you painted it as shapes, with weight and balance etc. than the draw around shapes and fill them in process. It will be interesting to follow along with this process and see how it grows with you.

Love the subtle use of color in your painting. Just the right amount of detail in the clock face such that it doesn't overwhelm the rest of the painting.

Cheers --- Larry

Looks good now. After you practice awhile it will be amazing.

wow looks great!!

It's not easy, you've done very well!

Beautiful! Love the soft tones on this one

Beautiful. It takes me right back there to Parliament Square. Even the sky is London-coloured.

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