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Our Meet-up Drawing Group - at Carl Schurz Park

The Central Park Sketching and Art Meetup Group met in Carl Schurz Park this past weekend.  There are lovely views over the East River from the Embankment - and the added bonus was the annual Gracie Square Art Show.

My first sketch was the view across the East River at 84th Street.  It was an opportunity for me to leave my comfort zone and try to paint trees, sky with gray clouds, and water.  The pigeon sat in front of me on the railing and I quickly sketched him, begging him to give me a full minute before flying off again.



I sketched Amanda, another Meetup member, during our 2nd sketching period.  And was surprised to discover that Ben sketched me while I sketched her.


Ben's sketch of me:


There was a wonderful wire sculpture artist at the art show and I requested permission to sketch his bass player . He said "go for it."  Ron Stattner's website is <www.buzar.com>.  I think you'll enjoy seeing his work.




I've noted that in drawing groups, anyone is fair game, pretty much. I've finished figure drawings ahead of time and turned my attention to another artist, only to be presented with a quick portrait somebody did of me at the same time =)

I love that pigeon drawn in--you captured it really well.

The wire stuff is interesting. I looked at his site, and if you didn't know they were wire sculptures, you'd almost think the photos of sculptures were line drawings.

Terrific sketches, especially the sketch of Amanda! And wow, Ben has such great line work!

Awesome sketches Shirley, as always. It's so cool to see someone else's sketch of you =) Ben surely did a fine job there

You go to the most interesting places and make the most wonderful sketches! I love the wire sculpture, and I love his work! nancy

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