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Drawings From the Louvre at the Morgan Library and Museum

This exhibit just opened at The Morgan Library and Museum.  There are very view images from the exhibit on line, so I'm linking to 11 that accompany the exhibit review in the New York Times.

I love works on paper, and especially preparatory drawings by well-known artists.  To remember this exhibit, I chose to copy a drawing by Theodore Chasseriau, a 19th C. artist who was previously unknown to me.  This drawing reminded me of some of Delacroix's drawings from Morocco and I was pleased to learn about Chasseriau's connection with Delacroix which began in 1834.

The original is so lovely, that I'm posting "The Woman of Algiers" by me and by Chasseriau.


My yellow paint didn't scan very well - it is closer to the original than it appears here.


I took this photo from the Exhibit Catalogue which was on display, since exhibit photos were not allowed.


I'm trying so hard not to be jealous at all the wonderful art you are able to see where you live! I do so appreciate your sharing it with us. Your "The Woman of Algiers" is wonderfully rendered! nancy

Works on paper are so inspiring. I love your copy of this. I learn so much when I do copies of master drawings.

Ditto what Nancy said! I wish I had a museum close enough to visit often. (an hour away...so just an occasional visit) Love the Woman of Algiers! I can see what attracted you to it. I love working drawings too...sometimes more than the final painting. Your copy is wonderful. I find it so strange that some colors scan so well, yet a color so similar would not. I've had this happen a lot with blues and grays.

wonderful sketches!!

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