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Picasso's Drawings - 1890-1921

Picasso's drawings, from 1890 (age 9) to 1921 are currently on exhibit at the Frick Collection.  My husband and I walked down for a quick visit this past weekend and this is a drawing inspired by one of his standing nudes.  The fountain and plant were added later when I sat down with my husband in the Garden Court of the museum.

The drawings combine his early, very realistic style, with an evolving cubist style - and he was a master of both.  The majority of the drawings, and a video about the exhibit can be seen here.  I was disappointed that the one I chose to draw is not one of the drawings that is reproduced.





Great page! And thanks for that link...I'm so envious! Look out good he was as such a young age!

Thanks for the links. You made education easy today.

You get to see the best things, thanks for sharing!

Lucky You! Links are better than nothing, Thank you!
Your sketch has a nice loose feel to it and the watercolour complements.

Nice compilation Shirley! =)

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