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Drawing Practice

I regularly read that doing blind contour drawings improves your eye-hand coordination, especially if you draw the contour slowly.  I am genetically incapable of moving my pen slowly, but periodically do some blind contour drawings with a pen to loosen up.

My mother is tired of having me sketch her during my weekly visits, so I selected a few items in her apartment and did a blind contour, a partially blind contour, and a sighted drawing of a few objects on tinted paper in a doodle sketchbook.  I then used watercolor pencils for a little color.  Here are two pages from that morning.



This week I selected two small figures that she has had in her living room since I was a child - and sketched them very rapidly (i.e. less than 3 minutes) on the tinted paper, with pen, and then colored them with my watercolor pencils.  When I returned home, I cut out each figure and collaged them on a sketchbook page - over a square of brown wrapping paper.


Sometimes I need to return to basics, especially to loosen up and play with graphite-less drawing.  I usually do a quick pencil sketch, then add pen and finally a watercolor wash.  I think that 1 and 2 minute poses at figure drawing accomplishes the same thing and now regularly find myself completing the 20 minute poses, to my satisfaction, in less than 20 minutes. 


These are wonderful, Shirley! As for your question about why contours have to be slow...the answer is that they don't! In "Learning to Draw" by Robert Kaupelis, chapter three is titled "Quick Contours" and are the next step in progressing from regular contour drawing. In fact, I do quick contours mostly, and they turn out better than the slow ones because I don't usually have areas where I went too fast compared to the rest of the drawing, making that section our of proportion! My book is old but I think it is still widely available, if you should be interested!

Very nice. Like the muted colors you added. Nice contour sketches.

I love your little collaged figures!
I have been a bit proccupied over the last couple of months and am just catching up with the EDM posts. I found your 'photos of the pools at Ground Zero very moving. Somehow, you made them seem more 'real' than the media coverage I saw over here.

Nice media! They sure produce some unique results, nice contours too!

I love the figurines they turned out beautifully! Blind contours are always fun and always a surprise how they turn out, these are no exception. Clare.

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