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Madison Square Park, New York City

I was walking home from City Quilter and specifically walked across Madison Square Park to see the summer sculpture, a 44 foot head by Spanish Artist Jaume Plensa.  I took photos of the head around 360 degrees, intending to draw it at some point, and failed to notice the honey colored squirrel that I almost stepped on.  So I photographed him/her as well.



I am having problems with server crashes for my blog - and I think that the actual blog postings are visible, but it may be difficult leaving comments.  To those of you who visit, thank you.  I love having the opportunity to "meet you" through comments, so I'm hoping that the technical details can soon be fixed.  'Til then, I hope that you will keep trying....


Wonderful Shirley, that squirrel is adorable, and what a Head, I will love to see how you tackle it.

Shirley, I enjoy your sketches...and photos...of NYC. I miss visiting the city and your views of it are fun to see.

VERY cool, Shirley! I just saw a sketch of that head somewhere else...and your squirrels are SO lively...

The very same artist has an exhibit near here too

I love your squirrels they look very cheeky!

Great squirrels, really animated! I'm not so keen on the sculpture, although it is impressive!

Lovely squirrels!

That sculpture is absolutely beautiful - thanks for posting it, and the squirrels just as lovely!

What a wonderful city you live in with so many interesting things to see and do. That head will be fun to draw, and your squirrels are adorable. nancy

Wonderful sketches...the squirrel was used to people by the look of it. Amazing statue.

Lovely squirrels.. Nice that you could capture them before they scurried away! Fidgety little souls, they are!

Wonderful sculpture! Great squirrels!

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