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Zach at the Central Park Zoo

We had our youngest grandchild, Zachary, with us for the weekend.  On Saturday morning we decided to take him to the Central Park Zoo and set off with stroller, diapers, snacks and camera.  As soon as we tried to put him in the stroller, he complained bitterly and stressed, "No stroller."  I asked him if he wanted to walk, preferring to avoid the fight, and he smiled and said yes.  Zach is one year old - soon to be 2.

I told my husband that he would get tired and ask to ride, and every several blocks I asked him if he was ready to ride.  I was walking at a regular pace and he was almost trotting, holding my hand.  Twenty-four blocks later we arrived at the Zoo - he walked and sometimes ran the entire way!!  In New York City, 20 uptown-downtown blocks equals one mile! 

And then he walked around the entire Zoo!  I find this phenomenal and told our son that he finally had someone who would be running and cycling with him in a few years!

Here he is watching the sea lion exhibit.  His shirt says Here Comes Trouble!


 We always love the penguins.  I took photos while we watched them and sketched these later during naptime.


Zach saw the polar bear, monkeys, and lots of birds.  Here he is walking ahead of me at the end of our visit.  And he was still full of energy!


Here is my sketch, to make sure that I have memories of the wonderful day.



What a great little guy!

Looks like you and he had a wonderful time. Your sketch is priceless and conveys so much attitude. Wonderful sketch!!!

This is adorable! what a fab little man he is, and I love your penguin sketch!

I wish I lived closer to a zoo! I love the pinguins. They look like they are doing exercises or tai chi or something ;-)

He's so sweet and he looks like he enjoyed his day! Great sketches.

My kid didn't want to ride when she was little, either. We went to many zoos, art museums, science museums..... She grew up to be a varsity swimmer, in high school and in college............

What an active one! Glad that you were in shape to keep up with him.

Haha - what a perfect day. Future job? Marathon runner maybe? Hope you managed to keep up :)

He's adorable, and I enjoyed reading about your trip. Your penguin drawings and the drawing of him are great! We'll soon be going to Nashville to visit our grandsons, and I can't wait!! Your post made me all the more eager to get there. nancy

Oh Shirley, great story, great photo, and great sketch...well done! My kids **hated** their strollers, carseats, snuggli's. It makes you wonder, doesn't it, whether our "every indulgence for my precious" approach to parenting (have you SEEN the strollers now! Some cost more than my first car!!!)is actually working against our little ones' best interests. Your little fellow was happy to canter through the whole day and I am sure slept better and felt better for it. I think your decision to let him decide, ready with support in the form of a stroller when he tired, was spot on. I see a lot of toddlers and young children fractious in public, not because they are tired or hungry, but because they are bored and frustrated with their restrained, protected and heavily controlled experience of life.

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