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Kate Johnson's Watercolor Pencil Mini-class

I am currently taking Kate's online mini-class about watercolor pencils.  I bought a selection of Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer open stock pencils many years ago and use them periodically - by trial and error.  They are wonderful for me to carry around as a limited palette, with a waterbrush, because I can use them anywhere - even in museums.  I also draw with a watercolor pencil on longer poses at figure drawing and then wet the pencil for shading.  But I knew that Kate's class would be a valuable experience - and being able to sign up for it at any time makes it available to all of her fans!

I worked through the exercises in Lessons 1 and 2 so far, really testing my tools - as she calls it.   I'm posting two of the small drawings that were part of lots of testing. 

In the first, I drew a small scene from one of my recent photographs with colored pencils.  Then I wet them and added a little ink.  These are giant habiscus flowers along the Hudson River embankment in Battery Park City.


On the second page, I created blocks of color from the pencils directly on my paper - even blending two pencils to create color,  This was my palette to paint a drawing that I did of a favorite mug.  I love this technique, and was happy that I could even add a few more "dots" with the pencil after it was dry.




Shirley, it is SO MUCH FUN to see how different people use the same information! You've made it uniquely your own, which, as you know, I consider quite wonderful. I love these!

And thank you for the shout out! The class is being very well received, guess it was worth the (technical) struggles!

I did Kate's online wcp course. She really gave us a workout. I think we had to draw everything in creation. After doing that you can never be faced with a subject that you think you can't draw, because you've done it before.

Very cool, Shirley! I have never seen the MaCC mugs before...very pretty. BTW glad the hurricane didn't give you much trouble. Speaking of online courses, I was looking at this one, once the child is back in school:

Love the development of your toolset (all senses!)! You even painted some TREES! Did you notice that?

We were at the beach last week -- lovely, lovely, lovely! But with two kids, very little time to paint.

These are just great! nancy

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