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Scattered Journal Pages

I am posting several journal pages that I did recently, to include some variety on this blog.  Tonight will be my last figure drawing session until after Labor Day, so my next blog entry will be more drawings from Sketch Night in costume.   

This plant was a gift from friends and it just keeps flowering.  I read about gloxinias and know that they need to die back and hibernate later in the season.  I only have one set of windows that have a wide window sill and enough light, so I'm afraid that this plant will not be with me next year.  I'll try to repot it next Spring, but would love to hear what others do with their indoor gloxinias.


I'm still sending weekly postcards to my dear friend Melly as she enters phase 3 of her breast cancer treatment.  She recently mentioned "dancing" when all of this is over, so I redrew my model's shoes from last week and painted them for her for last Saturday's postcard.  I hope they make her laugh!  Neither of us are the 5 inch spiked heel type of lady.




Hi, Shirley,
Love the graceful dance of the glox. leaves and flowers!
Oh, my, my, my....my heels days are over...it's Crocs all the way these days! LOL!

Great job on those HEELS! And great sense of humor about it!

The gloxinia is lovely, too. I love the way you design your pages! I'm always just anxious to get my central idea down on paper!

I love the one with the shoes and legs! Wonderful! The layout of the flower page is indeed very nice.

Love the postcard for your friend idea...I need to borrow it for a friend of mine in the hospital! And your gloxinia is gorgeous...wonderful present and wonderful page.

I don't know a thing about gloxinias, except that I think this is a splendid little study! And, the shoes on the postcard are a hoot. They made me laugh (not being a spike-heel kind of gal either). nancy

Don't know what to do about the gloxinia, sorry. The high heels, that others wear, are well done. Best wishes to your dear friend.

Love the purple theme of this post! The flowers are gorgeous, and the shoes are so cool. I sure hope you get the feedback you wanted from your friend =) Hope she gets well soon!

I love the drawing of the high heels. I prefer to watch them, over wearing this kind of shoes.

I'm going to say "ditto" to Grietje's comment. Beautiful work!

I love the shoes! I couldn't wear them myself, but they look nice on your model.

I love those dancing shoes!

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