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Final Beach Journal Pages for July

These are the journal pages that I did on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - the last until the end of the summer.

Sydney and I sketched together and she drew hydrangea blooms while I sketched her - which was her request.  It doesn't look like 6 year old Sydney, although she said I got the hair drawn correctly!  I never used to draw family members, so at least I'm now trying to capture a likeness.


I love sweets and was tempted by a freshly baked cookie and a Dunkin Doughnut most of Saturday afternoon.  I succombed to one, but not the other!


I was awakened when a bathroom hairdryer slipped in its holder, turning it on, and couldn't get back to sleep.  So I moved out to the sunroom and listened for the birds to wake up while I read.  There was suddenly a very different, insistent chirp, right outside the screen door and it was a beautiful cardinal.  This was drawn from a photo since he flew off pretty quickly.



I just love that bird, it made me smile ;-)

I tried to leave a comment the other day, but couldn't, hope this one works. I really enjoy looking through your blog posts and seeing all the journal pages telling a story! Nice drawings, with beautiful soft colors, and I especially like the drawings you did of your grandchildren (the one with your grandson with his green cast is awesome).

I'm not sure I would have resisted the doughnut!

Beautiful sketches Shirley! =) Love these a lot!

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