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A Happier Day

On Saturday (7/2), during our family July 4th holiday at the beach, our 5 year old grandson Robbie fell and broke his humerus while all 6 cousins were playing and having fun.  They took him to the local emergency room for XRAYS, and then because the fracture involved the joint, they packed up and went back to New York City.  He was operated on 24 hours later and 3 pins were inserted.

Here is unhappy Robbie with his little brother Zachary, just waiting to get into the car to go home.  We were all devastated and worried.  And he was soooooo disappointed to be missing everything.


And here is my drawing of Robbie on Thursday, 5 days later, when he saw his doctor, had a good exam, and got a hard cast in his favorite color - GREEN. 


The best news is that his day camp is happy for him to return on Monday and will modify his activities.  His cast will be removed in 4 weeks - right before his birthday! AND we are all redoing our family beach holiday at the end of August just for him.


Well, tell Robbie if you have to have a cast, green is a spectacular color!

And the BEST thing is that those new casts CAN go swimming!

Sorry you had this bump in the road but it sounds like everything turned out okay. Give Robbie our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I am glad your grandson is doing better and is on his way home. One of my students had fractured her arm, a 1st grader, she had a pink cast...All the kids wanted one... LOL

Awwww...poor little guy! I love your sketch of him, though...

Oh my, what a hiccup in your vacation. With all the love surrounding him, I'm sure that he will recover soon. Your drawings are capturing the vacation and remind me that there is no excuse for skipping drawing, even when there is a group.

Poor little chap. So glad it will all work out OK. I bet he will treasure that sketch in years to come!

Hope you grandson mends quickly & well and enjoys his summer. Green is the in colour this year then?

Robbie's a handsome boy =) And I hope he recovers real soon. That's a lovely sketch Shirley, and thanks for your comments ^^

I'm so glad this has a happy ending! And, going back to the beach to celebrate with him is something special to look forward to. Great post! nancy

Poor Robbie but at least he gets to go back to day camp. You did an excellent job of painting him! I haven't quite got down the painting of my family yet. They never look like the person but Robbie does look like the child in the photo.

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