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My Last Cezanne Cardplayer

The Cezanne Cardplayer exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art closed last Sunday.  But before the paintings and drawings were packed up, I made one more trip to the museum to sketch from Cezanne's preliminary sketch of the "Cardplayer in the Blue Smock. "

I enjoyed sketching and painting the Met Cardplayer painting (one of 5 variants that Cezanne painted) over the last few years, This exhibit allowed me to copy the master's preliminary drawings - which was great fun.  Will this end my focus on one painting in the Met collection?



I like it! =) I am not sure how the original looks but I like your version so far.
Thanks for your comments Shirley ^^

What a great opportunity to sketch! Very nicely done! A few weeks ago I saw one of his Cardplayer paintings at the Barnes - such a powerful painting.

What a wonderful learning tool!

I hope your mother is on the mend, your card player sketch is really good!

Oh I love the watercolors you do! I really also like the drawings from the Card Players exhibit.

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