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Meeting Doodling

I was at an annual meeting yesterday afternoon for My Own Book Fund, an organization for which I volunteer.  We meet with 3rd graders in over 40 schools, in all 5 boroughs of New York City, and share our love of reading and books.  We then meet each class at a local Barnes and Noble bookstore and help each child select $50 worth of their "own books."  For many, it is the first time they have been in a bookstore - or owned any books.  I love going to the meeting to hear the annual progress report and plans for expansion for the next year. 

Yesterday we also celebrated the National Book Foundation 2011 Innovation in Reading Prize that was given to Burt Freeman who set up the foundation and the program.  Four organizations were given the award out of nearly 120 applications!

I had lots of time to sketch other volunteers in the audience - and I cut my drawings from the meeting agenda and pasted them on a pre-painted background when I got home.  The first lesson in the free online Strathmore Workshop 3 with Roz Stendahl was all about prepainting backgrounds in sketchbooks and journals.  She used acrylic for most of her samples.   I used watercolor.



Lovely sketch! It's such a great idea drawing on meeting agenda and have them cut and pasted later on the sketchbook. I've never thought about that =)

Shirley, what a WONDERFUL organization! Brava to you! (And I love your sketches...)

You have produced a super page - the touch of colour sets off your drawing so well.

Dear Shirley, I'm from Poland and I found your site as I was looking for a peonies-image to use in a birthday card for my Mother. Your sketches are gorgeous!!! Can you tell me what writing/drawing tool you use to draw the black lines, which you then fill with a watercolour? I use Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment permanent black - but though it is 0,1 - it's still too strong, too "towering".
All the best,

Thank you soooo much Magdalena. Isn't the Internet amazing? Here we are continents apart sharing art techniques and supplies on Sunday morning New York time..

The blog entry that you commented on is ball point pen - I was taking notes on the meeting agenda. But I usually use 01 and 05 waterresistent archival pens.

The pens that are the easiest to find are Sakura Pigma Micron pens - they're everywhere in New York City, even stationary stores - and range from 005 to 08 - and even come in colors.

When I can find Kuretake Zig Millenium pens, I also use them. But they are hard to find here.

I have also used Staedtler Pigment Liners - but sometimes the ink runs when I apply the watercolor. I sketch in pencil very quickly, then pen, then erase, then paint - all very fast - so I hate when the ink isn't completely waterresistant.

Hope this information helps.

Wonderful drawings! I love all the different head orientations. What a fabulous program!

What a wonderful volunteer event. I'll bet you loved being around the children.

What a wonderful program and bravo for volunteering. I immediately thought how could I get such a program here in rural PA. And I will give it much serious thought.

Wonderful blog; glad I found it.

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