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Meetup Central Park Drawing - Saturday

The Meetup Central Park Drawing Group met at the Conservatory Garden for our usual Spring session - and I was attracted, as always, to the two beautiful fountains.  This time I only sketched one of the Dancing Maidens, not all 3.   Jesse, the group leader,photographs all of the drawings and uploads them to the website for the event.  Next time we return to Bethesda Fountain and Plaza.


By the time we moved to the south section of the Garden, the wedding around the other fountain had ended and I was able to paint the nymph and flute player.



Really nice paintings Shirley. It's a really nice post.
Spring is already gone and I can't help but feeling that I haven't achieved much at all(eventhough I know that it's not true). Perhaps it's got something to do with what I actually did instead of what I really wanted to do. Ah well, I guess I should have more patience in life.

Hi Shirley...am spending some time with you this morning. Loving what I am seeing. It's extra fun after not seeing your blog for some time. Your growth is incredible. It's such a pleasure seeing your creativity and catching up on your world! Lisa

Beautiful renderings and colour. Love your museum sketches too - I recognised a lot of the artists by your drawings!

Such lovely work Shirley. I so admire anyone that draws figures. I've never been game to try any figures other than birds or animals. I'm enjoying your work so much and steadily working my way through this well filled blog.


I enjoy your drawings and your blog, the way you kind of share both the quick and the more time consuming things is energizing to see. Thanks for sharing Shirley!

You're creating some really lovely things here Shirley - glad I stopped by to take everything in!

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