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May Figure Drawing Practice

Between live figure drawing sessions, I still work on my Carla Sonheim Drawing Lab faces, full figures from posemaniacs.com, and sketch hands from the American Sign Language website. 

The faces are usually drawn very quickly when I'm riding the subway or buses in New York City.  The trick of course is figuring out who is about to get off.  And people who are reading look like they are asleep.  I'm hoping that this extra practice will help me "pull it all together" when I'm trying to sketch live models.  For me it is the ultimate test of eye-hand coordination!




Hands Copied from American Sign Langauge Site and drawn with watercolor pencils.  I only have two more letters to sketch.



Figures drawn from http://posemanics.com with watercolor pencils - the 4 colors that I am trying out for live figure drawing next week.



You are so disciplined! And these are great! I admire you.

Your drawing gets better and better!

I absolutely love the faces!

Wonderful post Shirley! Love the figure drawings, and hand signs

The faces are really good, and I love how you are practicing hands and bodies. I was coaxing myself the other day to draw, say, 10 hands a day so I can get a hang of it! Didn't do it. Overambitious. Perhaps 3.

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