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A Day Sketching in New York City

Monday was a day about town with my art buddies.  Gwen Diehn was visiting New York, so we planned several fun sketching venues - and then were told, several times, "no photos and no sketching."  And the current exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Museum was even closed.  But we had a great time walking, talking, sketching, eating, drinking coffee, and buying art supplies at the FIT Bookstore.  Here is a composite page I sketched during the day and painted when I got home.



Where is the grouchy man from the sewing machine store? Don't forget him.

I didn't want everyone to know that the person who said "No Photos, No Sketches," even though none of the collectable items were for sale, was at the Hecht Sewing Machine Company. But I did write the name of the store on the drawing since I sketched the antique Singer machine in his window - from the outside. I thought that was only fair!

Sounds like you made the best of your situation and got a great page of sketches!

I love the layout of this page. Too bad about the "no sketching" situations but it looks like you had a wonderful sketching outing anyway.

Great page, I am a sewer too, and really enjoyed looking at your days items. What fun that must have been. Who cares about those people that won't let you sketch, they are missing out.

Great page layout!

These are such cool sketches! =) Somehow reminds me of Project Runway(My wife loves that show)

It looks like you had just as much fun sketching other things during your day, great pages!

Regarding Hecht Sewing , you need to be fair remember, it's a business and first thing in the morning people have to conduct business. Did you call first? I am an art teacher and have had wonderful experiences at Hecht Sewing, but I showed consideration by asking for a slow time of day not to interupt or stop people from conducting business, and making a living. You have misjudged a wonderful New york Institution.

You have such a wonderful variety of places to go to sketch. I often marvel at the choice you have.

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