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Hand Drawings

I am slowly practicing drawing hands from photos on the American Sign Language site.  I am moderately pleased with these drawings, but when I am faced with a real model, and hands are only part of the challenge, I can't draw individual fingers.  Oh well!  

 Here are my most recent hand drawings.  And then I added some drawn from photos of one of my grandchildren's hands.The sign language hands were drawn with a watercolor pencil and then brushed with water.  My grand daughter's hands were drawn with a standard color pencil.







What a great idea to use ASL as models for your hand drawings. I must say you are very good at this.


What a great idea - and so well executed! Hands are truly the hardest part of the body to draw. We recently had a model who takes beautiful poses with her hands, but I was defeated by the complexity. Your idea is excellent - I'm going to try to practice that way as well.

You can tell the last sketches are a child's plump little hands and that's a feat in itself!

Your hand drawings are wonderful!

It doesn't appear that you have a problem but what a nice way to spend time with your granddaughter.

What a great way of doing hand drawings. Excellent!

I think hands are terribly difficult, but you have done a good job. I'll have to go to the ASL website for some practice too!

Great hand studies! It is always so hard to find good pictures of hands; what a perfect place to find them!

I suddenly felt that I should be doing the same too just to practice drawing hands. I don't know ASL but it sure is a terrific idea to master drawing hand gestures!

and you get to learn ASL at the same time
if you don't know it already.

Very nice. I forgot about this site. I admire your practice (I've been lazy about it - and I really need to master hands!)

Hands are SOOOOO hard! I'm finding a world of difference between drawing them from a photo and drawing them from life.
Doing it over and over is the only way to get better - your's look great!

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