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Museum of Modern Art: Picasso's Guitars

Picasso's Guitars 1912-1914 just opened at the Museum of Modern Art.  The museum website for the exhibit is wonderful and ArtDaily.org has a great discussion of the exhibit with several photos.  I saw "Guitars"  last week with my Journal Study Group friends and did several sketches.

I enjoyed reading and hearing about the uniqueness of Picasso's cardboard and string primitive wall sculpture and never realized what an important step this was in art history.  My sketches include a flat version of the cardboard guitar, the metal guitar from the front and side to show the actual 3D shapes, and one of the exhibit collages - Student with a Pipe - just because I loved it!

Cardboard and String Guitar Sculpture Sketched with Watercolor Pencils:  


Two Views of the Metal Guitar - sketched at the exhibit and painted at home:


Collage - Student With Pipe:  I sketched this piece at the exhibit and then redrew it at home in this version.  There is a map of the galleries at MoMA as the first layer, then a layer of absorbent ground, then my drawing and watercolor paint to complete the image.




Very interesting Shirley! =) It's always nice to see you posting stuff from the museum. It's not that I don't like museums, I always feel sleepy when I visit anyway... perhaps it's the inner peace and harmony I always feel when I go... I think they should just provide a sleeping room for visitors as well ^^
Happy Valentine's day!

Neat drawings - you did very well capturing Picasso. I am SO jealous.

Thank you for sharing your visit, great sketches!

You have such a nice clear hand with drawing. Nice way to visit the MoMa with you.

love these -
can't wait to go.
Also looking forward to drawing
the guitars at the guitar show at the Met...

quite the moment for guitars.

Wow, I had no idea that Picasso worked on so many guitar pieces...enough for an exhibit! Thanks for the snapshot!

I also didn't know about the many guitars he worked on. You are so fortunate to live close enough to be able to see this splendid exhibit. Thanks for sharing with us! nancy

Loved seeing the layering process with the map. What a wonderful idea!

Brilliant 'paper' choice! Thanks for the inspiration!

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