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February Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

I go to figure drawing monthly at the Society of Illustrators and still love it.  Tuesday night we had a male and female model and here are my 10 minute and 20 minute drawings. 





Mighty racy to have a couple! I really like the first one.

Wow.... 9B and yet still so subtle =) I don't think I am able to achieve any control with such level of softness. Nice sketches and achieved in such limited time and delicate tool too!

Your sketches turned out great. I am such a smudger that I don't think I could deliver anything this clean with a 9B.

Wonderful! I've not been able to find any figure drawing classes near me. At least, not without an hour drive to get there. But!...I may be moving back to Boise soon. I don't want to jinx it because there are so many contingencies! Boise has a figure drawing group and I so hope to join in with them!! (I believe I told you how much I dislike living in Houston!)

These are wonderful, as always! Using a 9B is a lot like using charcoal with its softness. I like them very much. nancy

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