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February 8, 2011

Winter Hibernation

The weather in New York City made it easy to hibernate and work on many projects around my apartment.  But my lack of sensory input from my city environment made it necessary for me to dig deep and challenge myself to find anything of interest for my daily journal page.  I know, I know - I could have added more apartment drawings to my precious watercolor journal, but I didn't!  

I am still working through the Carla Sonheim Drawing lab book and did two of her labs.  In the first, I searched for some bug shapes on Google images and then decorated them with Pitt pens.  In the second, I quickly gathered 5 books from one bookshelf, just as quickly flipped them open and chose something to sketch, and then put the drawings on one page.



February 4, 2011

Hand Drawings

I am slowly practicing drawing hands from photos on the American Sign Language site.  I am moderately pleased with these drawings, but when I am faced with a real model, and hands are only part of the challenge, I can't draw individual fingers.  Oh well!  

 Here are my most recent hand drawings.  And then I added some drawn from photos of one of my grandchildren's hands.The sign language hands were drawn with a watercolor pencil and then brushed with water.  My grand daughter's hands were drawn with a standard color pencil.






February 1, 2011

Sonheim Drawing Lab - 100 Faces (32-38)

I am still slowly working my way through the Carla Sonheim Drawing Lab entitled 100 Faces.  The majority of these are sketched on the bus or subway in New York City.  Among these six, however, there is one of Howard Jacobson, the author of the Finkler Question.  I was watching a YouTube video of him talking about his book and couldn't resist drawing his interesting face and hat.

I still haven't gotten past #40 Face - this is a slow project for sure....


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