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Pam Carriker's Strathmore Journal Workshop

I participated in Pam Carriker's online classes as part of the Strathmore Journal Workshops and just finished the 4th and final week's additions to my journal page.  I worked on a page in my 6.5 "X 6.5 handbound sketchbook containing 140 lb watercolor paper. 

Week 1:  I scanned previous "trees" from my watercolor journals - some were Christmas ornaments and others were just visual journal pages from the Holidays over the last few years.  I printed them out on the paper Pam recommended, although it seemed a little heavy to me, and cut out the individual trees.  I tore strips of green tissue paper for the background and then layered as many trees as I could in my Magical Forest.




Weeks 2-4:  I followed Pam's instructions each week and added charcoal, graphite, oil pastels, and gesso.  Then I added to the negative space using sequin waste, a plastic screen, mesh, and a bottle cap.  And finally, I doodled some with pens and added words. 




I persisted with the classes even though I had to admit to myself that I don't enjoy mixed-media art nearly as much as I enjoy drawing with ink with watercolor washes.  I love trying new techniques and really looked forward to seeing what came next as the 4 classes unfolded so it was worth the time spent.  And now I have a set of oil pastels!  I look forward to another Strathmore workship in March,


I'm glad to see what you did in the first Strathmore class. I didn't realize we were supposed to use one project sequentially so didn't have a progression to post. I'm like you, I don't think I enjoy mixed media. I am looking forward to the March class!

Looks like a fun class! =) It's so nice to see how things changed and progressed through the years. I will always try to keep my old work(now that blog is really useful as a digital journal) and in years to come I'd be able to look back and see how they differ =)
Great post Shirley!

I agree with you. Just not sure that this is the direction I want to go. Interesting, but I don't feel the pull to do a lot more.

It is interesting to se e what you have done and how it changed from week 1 to week 4. The trees were a very clever idea. I very much like the way it is all integrated by the end. I have done 8 collages - filled an ox-plough book - but I have only done week 1, except for the first two, which only have week 2 done. I will be interested to see what it is like by the end.
I do plan to finish it, but I am all tied up with stuff for the Royal Botanic Gardens at the moment.
Again, I am not interested in collage art - in doing it in a book. However I find it useful to learn techniques to use in artist's books - and when I see collage used on a painting it attracts me. I just don't see the point in doing it in a book the way I see the point of sketching in a book.

At least you know where your heart lies. I like to see how this sort of work is done, it looks fun to do.

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