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EDM Challenges 267 and 278

Here are two EDM challenges that are from Feb-Dec 2010 - 10+ months that I didn't do any last year.  I printed out and cut up the individual challenges and put them in a jar next to my chair - I can now select one randomly when I'm out of ideas for my daily sketchbook page.  These were both done after I selected the challenge from my jar. The actual challenge strip that was pulled from the jar is glued across the top of the page.





YOu really did such a good job on your approach to these challenges...wonderful !!!!!!

Great sketches Shirley...good idea to do the challenges too. You've inspired me to start yoga again

Great sketches and I LOVE the idea of the challenges in a jar. Brilliant! I have been trying to work thru the challenges in order on at least a once a week basis. This might spur me on a bit more. Will have to keep it in mind!

Great work on these challenges.

Your sketch is wonderful. And what an absolutely great idea for the challenges. I think I will make my own challenge jar!

Great idea to put the challenges in a jar--that would cut down on my dithering! I like how you have cropped and grouped your things that start with an "S". The flexible grouping is satisfying too. Well done!

I like your yoga sketches...very flexible backs!

Definitely a lot of appreciation on the tools on the desk =) which people tend to take for granted just because they are there.
Love the sketches of the figures as well!

what fun challenges these are, love the idea and the outcome: your drawings are wow-pretty! :-)

I love the idea of the jar .... I'm definitely going to copy it, and I have the perfect jar to put them in! Your yoga sketches are wonderful ... I miss doing it. I think I'll have to start again very soon. nancy

Wonderful sketches, great color, and lovely composition, especially on the yoga one!

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